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Design Bespoke Content Management Tools

Use our pre-build tools to design your customers a Bespoke CMS User Experiance, even create your own re-usable CMS components.

As every NetCanvas is unique and backed by a huge range of features, you're free to create the best experience for your customers. A wide range of projects have been created and proven on NetCanvas, from small websites, e-commerce shops, mobile & web application to web systems, no matter what your task, you can solve it with NetCanvas.

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UX Designer

Unique UX Designer for page design with ready-to-use, Drag & Drop, plugin components.

Adding a WYSIWYG editer, a single line edit, Image selection, etc, is as simple as adding content to a word document. Choose from the built-it components, installable plugsin or roll-you-own bespoke UX components.

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Create, Use & Edit C# Web Forms Instantly

Create; Insert; Use - That's it. You can create a new Web Form, add buttons, etc. and use it right away without delay.

Edit the control in real-time and immediately see the results. When the developer saves any change, NetCanvas™ automatically handles the deployment for subsequent requests.

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Need to Filter Products by different Properties? The NetCanvas™ Faceted Search Generator is the perfect tool for the task.

Create a dynamic UI Filter of a product properties, be it 50inch TVs, Silver Mirrors a widget or a woggle!

The Facted Search component enables developers and designers to create human understandable filtering combinations, which are effortless to use by the visitor, including SEO benifits of combining the humam phrases with the page urls to generate a large, detailed, data set for Google, and other search engines, to index.

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Less and SaSS Support

Whatever your prefered flavour of CSS-Preprocessor they all have built-in PreProcessor engines.

With the NetCanvas™ "PreProcessor Engines" the developer has control over the process required to create their CSS. NetCanvas has PreProcessor Engines for a number of Languages including both SaSS and LessCSS. Aswell as support for a JavaScript generation from TypeScript, EMCAScript etc.

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Real Time DataBase Designer

Create and design, in real-time, any data structure using MongoDB and NetCanvas .

Dynamically insert fields and

Forget about tables and the relational troubles.

No longer do you need to worry about the DataBase, NetCanvas manages the creation, storage and backups of the data used by the application. All you need to do is design your data structure, via the built-in designer, and let NetCanvas auto-matically generate DataBase lookups and other.

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Projects, Sites and Revisions

Automate version relases for each project.

Whenever a new version is created, the system automaticlly prepares the new release, when changes are ready NetCanvas admin allows you to "Swtich to Live" at the click of a button.

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Report Generation

Create professional interactive graphs & reports, or create downloable, up to the minute, management reports in Excel.

Now matter how great the data is you've collected, you need to be presented in the best way possible for the end user to understand. With NetCanvas you can easliy generated interactive UX with graphs of data. Or allow mangers to download reports of the Live data into Excel, or many oher formats.

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PDF Creation

Designing & creating PDFs is the same as creating a web page.

NetCanvas has native support for PDF creation, and you design a PDF just as you do a web page, giving designers a freedom to create amazing dynamically generated & downloadable PDFs.

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Git backed Assemblies

All your code can be commited and managed with the normal git tool chain.

A development setup wouldn't be complete without a code repository, and each Dynamic Assembly and every line of code can be commited to any Git service, including github.

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Automatic Cache Control & Cache Busting

When any change is made the result is automaticlly cache busted and sent to the client. Forget about cache worries, let the server handle it for you.

Whenever you change a CSS or JavaScript file you can feel safe in the knowledge that your changes will be delivered to the client without the headaches caused by caches.

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Control the Site Structure

With today's SEO demands it's import to have great control over the Structure of your site and the page names shared over social media.

Adding a WYSIWYG editer, or a single line edit Image selection, they are all there. Or you can design your own.

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Create APIs for Distributed Systems

NetCanvas simplifes the creation of robust APIs to easly communicate between different NetCanvas Services.

From a simple RSS feed to a complex distributed system, the Built-in APIService & APICient removes development overhead of designing a framework for the communication bewteen systems.

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Stay secure with the highest industry standard Firewall

Use our native firewall utlitilties to fine tune the avaliable communications to any TCP.IP Port you use.

Additionally, by default, only your sign-up IP Address has access to the NetCanvas Administration, adding the all important security. On a Dyn DNS? No Problem, open your account page and add your current IP to gain access.

Even use our API to automate the process of exposes access to the endpoint from your new public IP v4 or IP v6.